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That means they lack the enzymes needed to break down lactose, or sugars found in milk.

A bowl of milk isn't likely to be deadly, but the aftereffects are likely to trouble both the cat and the owner who's forced to clean up the mess.

Since a cup of skim milk weighs in at 83 calories, give your cat no more than a few spoonfuls to avoid potential weight problems. While kittens have the ability to digest some lactose, their bodies simply aren't designed to deal with the level of lactose found in cow's milk, which has about three times as much lactose as that of a momma cat [source: Wortinger].

Consider lactose-free milk or goat's milk to reduce digestive problems. Drinking regular milk will not only give kittens diarrhea, but will also cause them to slowly starve to death if their diet isn't properly supplemented [source: Kitten Rescue].

From children's books to TV commercials, the idea that cats are wild about milk is constantly reinforced.

Yet what pop culture fails to show is what happens shortly after that bowl of milk is empty.

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This "milk" is specially formulated to provide the right ratio of caseins and whey to meet the nutritional needs of kittens without the painful digestive issues associated with cow's milk.

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